What can winning £500 do to your week?

What can winning £500 do to your week_

Did you know that for just £6.50 per month, the Children’s Lottery gives you 124 chances per week to win a cash prize of up to £500? It means that the chances of winning are far greater than any other major lottery provider, giving you the best chance of experiencing the unrivalled euphoria of possessing the winning ticket.

But what could a £500 cash injection do for your short-term finances? Here are some of the most popular solutions.

Pay off a lump sum of your debt

Let’s face it, we all owe money to creditors. Whether it’s a store card, bank loan, or credit card doesn’t matter. Knocking a £500 hole into the account will give you a headstart on clearing the balance while simultaneously reducing the overall interest paid on the account.

It might not be the most exciting use of £500, but it will put your mind at ease too.

Pay for Christmas

The festive period is fast approaching, and it deserves to be a magical time in your lives after this immensely stressful year. A £500 cash injection courtesy of the Children’s Lottery could pay for presents, a new tree, and the best Christmas lunch of your lives.

Presence is more important than presents, but the winnings will make it the most wonderful time of the year.

Get through the winter

Winter bills are always expensive. Unfortunately, it will be even more noticeable this year for anyone that works from home or will be at home for longer periods than usual. A £500 windfall will cover the increased expense to eradicate stress and overcome the need for cutbacks elsewhere.

In addition to the personal benefits, playing the Children’s Lottery supports kids that need it. So, why not play today?

So, what can you do today? To receive regular updates from us subscribe to our newsletter, to find out where your money is going towards good causes download our booklet and to sign up for The Children’s Lottery to be in with a chance of winning head to our website.

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